Saturday, May 03, 2008

Magnequench, Weapons Technology with a nice little bow on top. Thank you Clinton!

While I'm sure Hillary is having a lot of fun making the 3 am ads that tell you Clinton will keep you safe, but what makes you think she will? And could it be that the biggest threat to our National safety may be Bill Clinton himself? Surely can't feel safer because of the deal with Magnequench in 1995. Indianans might remember Magnequench, a Valpariso company that worked with Rare Earth magnets. Rare Earth magnets are used for among other things, as a main component of guidence systems in smart bombs.

In 1995, Clinton allowed for the sale of Magneguench to a consortium of comapnies which included two Chinese firms. According to the Clintons NOW, they had been assured the company would stay in the US. In 2003, that consortium moved Magnequench's production to China. You might think that if they had been "assured" this company would not move that they would have protested loudly, especially considering that we were in a war on terror and all. But there was stunned silence and only now are the Clintons saying anything about the Chinese assurances. So in essence Bill Clinton gave the Chinese our weapons technology in a nice neat package.

Now, Clinton supporters might scream "Bill's not running!" and they'd be right. But if we look at the same six degrees of seperation game we play with certain reverends, Hillary Clinton is directly advised and occasionally may be intimate with the man who sold our weapons secrets to rather large foreign country who also holds a lot of our national debt. Now she wants to scream at Indiana voters about Bush letting Magnequench go but the ink on the sale papers dried under Bill's administration. Kind of makes you wonder who is running things over in Clinton Land somedays.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The fat man is singing: Limbaugh's open support shows that Hillary should get out now!

You would think that Limbaugh throwing Conservative Dittohead support behind Hillary Clinton in a Democratic Primary would be a huge sign that she has not connected well with the Democratic base. Dittohead support for Clinton makes sense because the Republicans think she will be easy to beat in 2008. If they didn't think that, they wouldn't try to bouy her candidacy and force it to be settled in the Convention.

This serves two purposes: Keep the Democrats from putting out a united message, which given the amount of money raised so far would blow McCain out of the water. It also gives the Republicans a chance to build talking points against Obama.

All that Hillary Clinton is doing is crippling the Democratic nominee with by insisting she stay in the race.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lamentations of the woman who would be queen

Six months ago, when the Democratic primariy resembled a coronation march and all eyes were on the Clintons, she looked unstoppable. A giant among people you hadn't heard of and people who you just couldn't see in power. There were some people who had "star power" but none at that time shone above the wife of Bill Clinton.

If time could have just held still, all would have been well, but time didn't hold still. Suddenly a young senator was making people excited about politics and bringing people to his cause. He may have misspoke once or twice but if nothing else he was exciting. Maybe it was because he was not versed in the ins and outs of Beltway Politics. In someways like a real life version of Mister Smith Goes to Washington. But at that point, Sen. Clinton still saw the nomination, as hers.

Then a funny thing happened in Iowa. Funny in the sense of irony but in Camp Clinton the unthinkable had occured: This upstart Senator with big ears started gaining popularity. Her popularity. People began moving to his side. Suddenly, he was the party's favorite. The Rock Star, as it were. The nomination began slipping away.

No matter what she tried to do (having subordinates sling mud, sending out her husband and daughter, crying on camera and on cue) she has yet to stem the tide. The most damning proof of this is S. Carolina where Bill Clinton used every bit of his power to attempt to derail the Obama campaign and was widely perceived as one of the reasons she lost that state.

Now the only strategy left is to take Ohio and Texas overwhelmingly, something she has not been able to do outside of Arkansas. She also has to do this when her perceived power base of women and people without college educations who make under $50,000 are also starting to shift to Obama. Increasingly her message is becoming more shrill, her attacks more desperate. Going 0 for 10 will do that.

Can she pull off the sizeable upset? Outside of a real catastrophic gaffe from the Obama campaign, it is doubtful that she will. If she could have just frozen time six months ago. When the democratic crown was so close. So close yet so far. Thus laments Sen. Clinton, the woman who would be queen.